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Upgrade Pilates is a contemporary Pilates studio, located in Laguna Hills, California. We’re focusing on biomechanically efficient exercises that provide maximum results.


Happy Customers

"Pilates with Irina is not just the training - it's the training of your body with the mind! She always finds exercises that will improve your body and reduce the muscle's tension, where it's not needed. She always follows the technique of execution and you get the results sooner! She is very well versed in the structure of the body, in the work of muscles, in breathing techniques! The training with Irina is hard work with pleasure! She is very patient, attentive and you will want to come to her every day! At the same time, there will be no violence over the body!I had a problem in the abdominal area and I always thought that it was necessary to pump the muscles this area. As it turned out that I have a large deflection in the lower back and therefore the abdominal muscles don't work properly in everyday life. I need to put the spine, teach my abdominal muscles how to work and remove the tension from my back. I saw the result after 2 weeks of training! If you want to train your body, to feel better or to remove some pain, you need the training with Irina! She is so great - you will not be able to wait until next session!"

Anna S.

"Taking Pilates classes taught by Irina is always a pleasant time. She is patient, soft spoken and very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Her love of pilates comes through in her style of teaching. She always changes it up and challenges me at each session. The studio is beautiful with top of the line equipment. Anyone who has taken pilates before or is a first time client should look no further. Irina is the best!"

Dawn F.

"I have seen Irina for over a year. She is wonderful. She is very professional and takes great care in listening to your needs. She makes sure you work hard in every session but she also fine-tunes the sessions depending on how you feel. I almost didn't want to write this since I'm worried she'll get to busy to see me... but I adore her and I hope someone else can have the same experience."

Sofia M.

"Irina amazing trainer!! I am waiting for my training, but before I never loved sport))) She is doing very well every exercise with me, I feel every muscle. After you feel so energy and light)))"

Julia B.

"I've been training with Irina for almost 2 years. She is very professional, motivating and very knowledgeable person. She is also constantly improving her expertise by taking classes and attending various seminars which I think also help to develop the best precise training schedule and exercises to address the issues and achieve the planned goals. I'm 35 with scoliosis, hypermobility joins, and all day sitting work which is actually not good "material" to work with. But I am really impressed with results and see continuous improvement and no back pain now. She was also working with my mom for the about a month, while she was visiting me and now my husband signed up too! She is definitely the best trainer I've ever known and can recommend to the people I love."

Olga S.

"I'm very happy that California introduced me to Irina, and thanks to Irina, I'm in love with Pilates. This is the first sport that I go to with pleasure and every time I am anxiously awaiting for Irina's classes. Ira is very professional, from the first meeting we saw all my "weak" spots, now almost 2 months of our classes - I see how my body is gradually changing, as Im getting stronger and healthier. And this is only the beginning!"

Anna G.

"Finally! I found MY teacher! I was in love with yoga, but for 5 years leaving in USA I couldn't find a teacher who would satisfy all my needs. I like when a teacher corrects you, if you're doing an exercise wrong ... Because if do it wrong, you can hurt yourself. So I gave up on finding a yoga teacher and decided to try Pilates. Yessss, Irina is everything I was looking for! She's very knowledgeable and guides you through the whole practice! I feel great after her class 🙂 Highly recommend!"

Nata S.

"It has literally changed my live. I've never thought i could actually enjoy exercising and now i am addicted to Pilates. it has become a part of my weekly routine. it really helped me with my back, shoulder pain ( which i had for years).My flexibility, and my posture improved a lot. I feel more energized and happy. I keep getting great results and keep seeing changes in my body. Irina is the best instructor. She is talented and passionate about what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable and constanly improves her knowledge. Her lessons are always fun and challenging. I am so greatful! Highly recommend Irina."

Regina G.



All new clients start with the FIRST PRIVATE. After completing the introductory session you have 3 options:

join a small group (max 5) REFORMER classes,

continue privates, or do both



PILATES INTRO includes 4 sessions: First private &  3 group REFORMER classes

FOCUSED RESULTS includes 11 sessions: First private &  10 group REFORMER classes

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