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How do I get started with Pilates?



If you are new to the PILATES, please choose NEW CLIENT FIRST PRIVATE or if you’d like to join THE GROUP CLASS, choose FIRST INTRO REFORMER GROUP to start and prep for the group.


The first one-on-one introductory session will introduce you to Pilates equipment, basics of Pilates and its principles, and proper body alignment.

What's next

After completing the introductory session you can join a small group (max 6) REFORMER classes, continue privates, or do both


Socks with grip are mandatory. Available for purchase at the studio. Wear сomfortable and FITTED workout cloth, free of buttons, snaps, and zippers.


To ensure the quality of your training groups are 6 people maximum

Only those who are familiar to the Pilates on the Reformer, are injury free and have a healthy body will be accepted into a group session

If you’d like to join THE GROUP CLASS and never done Pilates on the Reformer before, start with FIRST INTRO REFORMER GROUP for your introductory session to prep for the group.

Change the way your body looks, feels, and performs. Build strength, control, and flexibility and increases natural fat-burning capacity with our Pilates classes.


The best way to get started. First one-on-one session will introduce you to 

Pilates equipment

basics of Pilates

Pilates principles and terminology

proper body alignment


After completing introductory session you have a choice 

join a group class (max 5 people)

continue privates

adds to your privates group class

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